• Lunch Menu

      Nutrition enriched healthy food No Artificial Essence, No taste Enhancers, No Artificial colours, No preservatives, No Ajinomoto.

    • Full nutritious Meals

      Full nutritious Meals

      Full nutritious Meals: (4 days/ week)

      * Rice, Sambar, Rasam, buttermilk, Poriyal, kootu or Healthy grams and Appalam (pappad)
      * Instead of appalam and kootu, Kesari and Vada will be provided on (Fridays)

    • Variety Rice

      Variety Rice

      Variety Rice ( one day/week )

      * Sambar rice & curd rice (Or)Tamarind rice or Lemon rice & curd rice
      * Poriyal and chips or pappad

    • Vegetable biryani

      Vegetable biryani

      Vegetable biryani ( one day/week)

      Vegetable biryani and raita