Why Elegant RB foods

Why Elegant RB foods

We work on TAT

Our command and control setup ensures clear communication with the kitchen and logistics to instantly make and deliver food at various client locations within the Turnaround Time (TAT).

Client-Specific products

We can customize menus that will suit different industries based on their requirements and demography. Menus are also provided for the various requirements like client events, conferences, client visits and parties.

Efficient Management of Menus

Our menu has been designed with care and probity to avoid Food fatigue, at all times. In our choice of regional menus and diverse cuisines, we consciously design the diverse menus that take preferences of the clients in the account to serve better.

Chef designed Personalized culinary

In Culinary, chefs have their vital role in supporting us to innovate the best model for the clients. This empowers chefs to make quick decisions provides the in-depth personalization and the best experience for the clients.

ERB’s Policy

We constantly develop the skills of our people to serve better our clients.We ensure the safety and health of our crew. Everybody in the organization is treated with humanity and equality with no discrimination.